Arcadiate is scriptable. The best and complete overview of its scripting interface can be obtained by opening Arcadiate's script dictionary from the Script Editor application.


When developing scripts the two most important questions to answer are:
  • How to address an object ?
  • To which commands responds the object ?
Each object belongs to a containing object through which the object can be accessed. Each object is addressable by a number - like ion 1 of theIonGroup - and many are addressable by name - like peptide "SSTVQRSK" of protein "HCT-1" of theProteinGroup.
The commands an object responds to are listed under the objects characteristic in the Arcadiate script dictionary. The command and its parameters are listed in the dictionary and accessible when clicking onto a blue coloured command in the dictionary.

The following file contains code listings. Many of the script handlers in the script are not executable as such because they depend on data object names present in Arcadiate.

Code samples for Arcadiate's scripting abilities